Corally Kagama XP Wing Spoiler Green Adjustable Mount V2 C-00180-226-B C-00180-005-2 by Team Corally

Code C-00180-226-B, C-00180-005-2
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Code C-00180-226-B, C-00180-005-2
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RRP £29.36
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  • Description
    • C-00180-226-B: black wing with Kagama decals (green) - composite. 
    • C-00180-005-2: adjustable wing mount V2 - composite. 
    • C-00180-539: wing mount connecting brace - composite. 
    • C-00180-1065: HD wing washer large - composite. 
    • Genuine Team Corally. 

    Parts are removed from brand new models. We guarantee parts will be new and functional upon arrival but we cannot provide any warranty service after usage. You will receive all parts as illustrated and they will be repackaged. Some parts may have minor cosmetic signs of disassembly. Part trees (where applicable) may be separated for shipping.

  • Compatible Models

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    C-00166 (Jambo 2021)
    C-00172-R (Kronos 2022)
    C-00165 (Dementor 2020)
    C-00167 (Dementor 2021)
    C-00167-R (Dementor 2022)
    C-00170 (Kronos 2020)
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    C-00273 (Kronos XTR 2022)
    C-00185 (Radix6 2021)
    C-00175 (Shogun 2020)
    C-00285 (Spark6)
    C-00176 (Muraco 2021)
    C-00185-R (Radix6 2022)
    C-00274 (Kagama)
    C-00186-R (Radix4 2022)